Funny Names Like Ben Dover

Funny Names Like Ben Dover For a Funny Friend

It’s not uncommon to hear those eye-catching names that make you take a second look. Those names may sound ridiculous that you can’t help laughing at them. One of such cases is our guy Ben Dover, which is an obvious allusion to the vulgar bend over. Although Ben may make people giggle, these cleverly named persons are more than puns. Oftentimes, they hide extra meanings and this makes them even funnier once understood.
For example, Amanda Huginkis sounds vaguely exotic initially. But if you say it out loud slowly it will be phonetical “a man da hug in kiss”, making this name very affectionate suddenly! It’s pretty funny though.

Also, there is Anita Bath who most people would consider just an ordinary name but those who understand its hidden meaning know that it simply stands for “I need a bath.” That’s quite cunning and a little bit saucy too.

Another instance of these includes Haywood Jablomey (hey, would you blow me?) and Wilma Dikfit (will my… well, you get the idea). These ones might seem somewhat nasty for polite society but if one wants some humor they work best.

The humor lies in getting people to say the name out loud first before realizing the ridiculous hidden meaning. A well-crafted name can start off sounding totally normal until that magic moment when the penny drops and you’re hit with a potty-mouthed punchline.

So while Ben Dover and his punny pals may be a bit silly and immature, you’ve got to admire the creativity here. Coming up with these laugh-inducing names is an art form in itself. Let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious examples out there, shall we?

20 Funny Names Like Ben Dover With Meanings

Amanda HuginkisA man da hug in kiss
Anita BathI need a bath
Haywood JablomeyHey, would you blow me?
Wilma DikfitWill my [genitals] fit?
Phil McRevissFill my crevice
Maya ButtreeksMy butt reeks
Mora LissunMorale is sun (down)
Mary Jane RottencrotchSelf-explanatory
Bea O’ProblemBe a problem
Ollee ShuddayuppOh lay, should I shut up?
Harry BawllsHairy balls
Gerta DunkeeGet her drunky/dunky
Patty WhaddupParty, what’s up?
Mike HuntfurpusseeMic hunt for….yeah, you know
Eileen DoverI lean over
Hugh GanusHuge anus
Frank NotnowskiFranknudnowski
Jagher NayedharJag her, nailed her
Mike OxmaulerMy coxswallower
Moe Lester GrahamMolester Graham
funny names like ben dover

Ah, the infinite creativity of the English language never fails to entertain! These names are pure comedic gold for the intelligently immature among us.

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20 Clean Funny Names Like Ben Dover

  • Jack Goff
  • Phil Andsee
  • Bea Amen
  • Penny Trate
  • Pete Zah
  • Harry Buttsayke
  • Justin Case
  • Ray Diante
  • Lou Safire
  • Pete Sarr
  • Sal Tutations
  • Rose Buddee
  • Hugo Fayah
  • Phil O’Sophy
  • Marty Chmont
  • Ura Gambler
  • Ollie Aybath
  • Moe Kryshmore
  • Roz Fetten
  • Casey Borden

20 Funny Female Names Like Ben Dover

  • Amanda Hugginkiss
  • Penny Trayshun
  • Maya Normusbutt
  • Cynthia Pranceypants
  • Gerta Herbox
  • Mary Juana
  • Wilma Fittincurt
  • Bree Gapeningz
  • Oprah Lingus
  • Connie Lingus
  • Gail Dingofterr
  • Ana Loapefree
  • Tess Ticles
  • Iva Peenen
  • Candy Dates
  • Raven DeLuxx
  • Venus Thighgapp
  • Crystal Butt
  • Anne Chovee
  • Maya Lekdaliss

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20 Funny Male Names Like Ben Dover

  • Pete Zah
  • Mike Oxmall
  • Willie Nus
  • Harry Ree
  • Willie Stroker
  • Mike Rotch
  • Willie Lungee
  • Ben Derha
  • Lou Sifer
  • Willie Chokemhahd
  • Pete Fromkendull
  • Willy Gettitup
  • Mike Huntbedder
  • Howie Felterup
  • Dick Lytter
  • Carlos Dangler
  • Willie Pullitt
  • Phillip McRevise
  • Jack Goff
  • Howie Phuqare

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20 Famous Funny Names Like Ben Dover

  • Dick Assman
  • Pete Mellons
  • Harry Baals
  • Mike Hunt
  • Mike Litoris
  • Mike Oxlong
  • Hugh Jassole
  • Haywood Jablome
  • Tara Thingsmelle
  • Eileen Overstein
  • Buster Highmen
  • Mike Rotch
  • Chuck Funtha
  • Willie Stroker
  • Ray Pughunayedungie
  • Hyman Kritz
  • Willie Goatgruffer
  • Amanda Kissmyass
  • Master Bates
  • Phil McKraken

20 Funny Joke Names Like Ben Dover

  • Mike Oxbuttler
  • Jacques Inske
  • Willie Rainlick
  • Maury Shokkher
  • Ray Kiestenbutt
  • Mike Ocksmahl
  • Lee Keehindbutt
  • Burt Hersnatchett
  • Willie Nudehouse
  • Willie Strokit
  • Pete Zahuitcoffe
  • Cy Aman
  • Willie Dykette
  • Stanka Rintchee
  • Willie Doehsatwhey
  • Pete Cheeks
  • Mike Huntforjunk
  • Jen Italisgon
  • Mike Ockshaulk
  • Hugh Gumby

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20 Funny Fake Names Like Ben Dover

  • Pete Zedong
  • Willie Nudpryhouse
  • Harry Asstreeks
  • Willie Gokissnextime
  • Mike Oxayerhedd
  • Willie Strokenhoff
  • Jacques Ovmere
  • Ella Fawnty
  • Willie Pullitt
  • Lee Tongdaydunn
  • Ray Missuncloze
  • Stee Kistecktupit
  • Willie Nailditt
  • Theo Thighgappe
  • Willie Plookett
  • Willie Gettitup
  • Mora Laysun
  • Ilene Overbrought
  • Bille Okhishine
  • Brock Ovitchee

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it folks – a hilarious collection of names to make even the most mature person giggle like a schoolkid. From the delightfully punny to the unabashedly crude, these names keep the art of comedic wordplay alive and well.

While they may be a bit juvenile, you’ve got to admire the creativity and wit behind crafting the perfect punny name. It takes a subtle mastery of language to construct just the right setup and punchline.

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