Leprechaun Names

300 + Good Leprechaun Names to Bring You Luck and Joy

For centuries, the leprechauns have been captivating people’s minds with their pranks and hallucinatory treasures of gold.

 If you are into fairy tales or just want to appreciate the richness of Irish folklore by organizing a themed event emphasizing leprechaun stories, then one good thing to start with is choosing the right name for your leprechauns. 

This guide will delve deep into the world of leprechaun names and give you an array of options to choose from. 

Therefore, let us take this magical tour and explore some of the best leprechaun names you can think of!

What is the Name of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun?

The famous Lucky Charms leprechaun is called Lucky The Leprechaun. 

He was introduced by General Mills in 1964 and since then Lucky has won the hearts of adults and kids with his multi-colored marshmallow cereal. 

He is commonly dressed up in a green jacket, hat, and shoes that are fastened with buckles; he also carries his special magic cereal that brings fortune which makes him popular among parents as well as children.

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Enchanting Leprechaun Names

Finnian O’Connell – This name carries a strong, traditional Irish feel, perfect for a leprechaun who guards his treasure fiercely.

Seamus McTavish – A mischievous and playful name, ideal for a trickster leprechaun.

Liam Shamrock – Combining a common Irish name with the iconic shamrock, this leprechaun brings good luck.

Aidan Goldleaf – A name that hints at the leprechaun’s association with gold and nature.

Patrick O’Reilly – A classic Irish name for a wise and old leprechaun.

Connor Clover – Perfect for a leprechaun who is as lucky as a four-leaf clover.

Declan McLuck – This name combines a traditional Irish first name with an element of luck.

Brendan Rainbowchaser – Ideal for a leprechaun always in pursuit of rainbows and their treasures.

Darragh Gleaminggold – A leprechaun known for his shiny gold coins.

Eamon O’Goldensheen – A name that suggests a leprechaun with a stash of golden treasures.

Kieran Greenfoot – A leprechaun who is deeply connected to the lush Irish landscape.

Nolan Treasurenook – Known for his hidden troves of gold.

Ryan O’Gemstone – A leprechaun with a penchant for precious stones.

Ronan O’Silverstream – Suggesting a leprechaun who finds his fortune in nature’s rivers.

Shane O’Glimmer – A name that indicates a leprechaun with a touch of magical sparkle.

Funny Leprechaun Names

Jolly McJinglesAlways in a good moodJoyful, playful
Lucky O’LaughsBrings laughter wherever he goesHumorous, charming
Paddy O’PunsLoves to tell jokesWitty, clever
Giggles McSproutAlways gigglingFun-loving, carefree
Chuckles O’GoldFinds humor in everythingAmusing, delightful
Snickers McSparksQuick to laughEnergetic, spirited
Guffaw O’GleeHis laugh is infectiousCheerful, magnetic
Merry O’MintHas a minty fresh breathRefreshing, lively
Blarney McChuckleLoves to tell tall talesEntertaining, jolly
Grinny O’GlitterAlways has a sparkling smileSparkly, happy
Giggly McGleeHis giggles are contagiousJoyous, exuberant
Witty O’WinkKnown for his quick winksClever, sly
Sneezy McGiggleLaughs every time he sneezesFunny, quirky
Jokey O’JinglesPranks everyoneMischievous, playful
Laughter McLuckLaughter brings him luckLucky, humorous
Smiley O’GlimmerHis smile shines brightRadiant, joyful
Cheerful McCharmSpreads cheer wherever he goesDelightful, pleasant
Sunny O’SmirkAlways has a little smirkMirthful, jolly
Jester McJollyThe life of the partyFestive, fun-loving
Banter O’BellsLoves good banterSociable, engaging
Whimsy McWhistleWhistles tunes all dayMerry, tuneful
Gleeful O’GlowGlows with happinessBright, cheerful
Blissful McBeamBeams with blissContent, serene
Jivey O’JokeAlways has a joke readyWitty, sharp
Jest O’JoyHis jokes bring joyHappy, lively
Playful McPrankMaster of pranksMischievous, amusing
Gleam O’GiggleHis laugh shinesRadiant, joyous
Jolly O’JoyfulDouble the joyExuberant, jolly
Sparky McSproutFull of energyLively, spirited
Pranky O’PaddyLoves a good prankMischievous, playful

Good Leprechaun Names

Finnian O’ConnellFair-haired warriorBrave, strong
Seamus McTavishSupplanterClever, strategic
Liam ShamrockStrong-willed warriorDetermined, lucky
Aidan GoldleafFieryPassionate, nature-loving
Patrick O’ReillyNoblemanHonorable, wise
Connor CloverLover of houndsLoyal, lucky
Declan McLuckMan of prayerDevout, fortunate
Brendan RainbowchaserPrinceAdventurous, optimistic
Darragh Gleaming goldOaktreeStrong, prosperous
Eamon O’GoldensheenGuardianProtective, wealthy
Kieran GreenfootDark oneMysterious, nature-loving
Nolan TreasurenookNobleGenerous, resourceful
Ryan O’GemstoneLittle kingRegal, wealthy
Ronan O’SilverstreamLittle sealPlayful, prosperous
Shane O’GlimmerGod is graciousBlessed, radiant
Cormac O’ConnorCharioteerLeader, noble
Fergus O’FlynnMan of forceStrong, brave
Lorcan McGoldLittle fierce oneBold, rich
Tadhg O’ConnorPoetCreative, wise
Tiernan O’RourkeLittle lordNoble, generous
Aengus O’ShannonOne strengthPowerful, lucky
Cathal McCreeBattle rulerFearless, lucky
Donal O’GradyWorld rulerInfluential, strong
Fintan O’MalleyWhite firePassionate, wise
Lorcan O’RourkeLittle fierce oneBold, rich
Malachy McGoldMessenger of GodDivine, prosperous
Niall O’RourkeCloudFree-spirited, wealthy
Padraig O’TooleNobleHonorable, wise
Rian McGoldLittle kingRegal, lucky
Tadgh O’MurphyPoetCreative, wise

Irish Leprechaun Names

  • Finn O’Rourke
  • Seamus McFinn
  • Liam O’Connor
  • Aidan O’Shea
  • Patrick McCarthy
  • Connor O’Donnell
  • Declan McDermott
  • Brendan O’Neill
  • Darragh O’Flaherty
  • Eamon O’Dwyer
  • Kieran O’Malley
  • Nolan McBride
  • Ryan O’Leary
  • Ronan O’Sullivan
  • Shane McGrath
  • Cormac O’Brien
  • Fergus O’Donnell
  • Lorcan O’Rourke
  • Tadhg O’Connor
  • Tiernan O’Toole
  • Aengus O’Reilly
  • Cathal McCarthy
  • Donal O’Grady
  • Fintan O’Reilly
  • Lorcan McGold
  • Malachy O’Donnell
  • Niall O’Rourke
  • Padraig O’Toole
  • Rian McGold
  • Tadgh O’Murphy

Dirty Leprechaun Names

  • Grubby O’Gold
  • Filthy McLuck
  • Smelly O’Shamrock
  • Muddy McTreasure
  • Grimey O’Coins
  • Dirty McPot
  • Sloppy O’Bucks
  • Gritty McGold
  • Messy O’Glitter
  • Slimy McLeprechaun
  • Grubby McShiny
  • Funky O’Green
  • Mucky McPot
  • Dingy O’Treasure
  • Dusty O’Gold
  • Muddy McLuck
  • Sludgy O’Shamrock
  • Grimy McPot
  • Murky O’Coins
  • Sloppy McTreasure
  • Gritty O’Gold
  • Filthy McGlitter
  • Messy O’Green
  • Slimy McCoins
  • Funky O’Bucks
  • Dingy McTreasure
  • Dusty O’Leprechaun
  • Grubby McShamrock
  • Mucky McPot
  • Sludgy O’Bucks

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Leprechaun Boy Names

  • Finnian
  • Seamus
  • Liam
  • Aidan
  • Patrick
  • Connor
  • Declan
  • Brendan
  • Darragh
  • Eamon
  • Kieran
  • Nolan
  • Ryan
  • Ronan
  • Shane
  • Cormac
  • Fergus
  • Lorcan
  • Tadhg
  • Tiernan
  • Aengus
  • Cathal
  • Donal
  • Fintan
  • Lorcan
  • Malachy
  • Niall
  • Padraig
  • Rian
  • Tadgh

Find Your Leprechaun Name

To find your leprechaun name, use the first letter of your first name and the month you were born. Combine the first letter with the corresponding month to get your unique leprechaun name.

First LetterLeprechaun NameMonthLast Name


It can be an amusing as well as enchanting process to choose the right name for the leprechaun. You may have your pick when it comes to traditional Irish names, amusing ones, or those that are rather distinctive.

 Look more into the charm and fun of the leprechaun’s wistful tales and find the perfect name that brings good fortune and thrills to you.

Remember, a name is not simply an identification. Instead, it is a story in itself with some enchantment attached to it.

 For that reason, get ready for your ideal leprechaun title, wishing you all luck and happiness in this world

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