is content warning crossplay

Is Content Warning Crossplay: Coming to Consoles?

Would you like to know if Content Warning, the horror co-operative game, will be available on gaming consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation 5? If yes then this article is for you!

Will Content Warning Come to Xbox and PS5 Consoles?

Content Warning has gone viral in the gaming industry and became one of the most popular games this year. The players get to experience spine-tingling thrill along with hilarious co-op mayhem as they step into the shoes of want-to-be online celebrities who shoot scary videos to attract advertisement dollars.

In just a day after its release, Content Warning had an impressive 200,000 simultaneous users which indicates how quickly it gained popularity. Nonetheless, since it is only accessible on PCs, gamers using consoles are curious whether they can also enjoy the fun.

Is Content Warning Coming to Consoles? Xbox & PS5

Landfall Games Responds When questioned about future prospects on console releases, Landfall Games developers responded on Steam community forums “We don’t know anything about consoles yet; it’s too soon.” This might seem like a letdown for fans of consoles but we should remember that Landfall Games is an indie studio that porting requires vast amounts of time and resources.

Hope in the Future There are many reasons to be hopeful, even though there is much uncertainty. The company’s previous title, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was initially release on PC only and later came out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. With the increasing popularity of Content Warning, it is possible that a console port may come sooner than expected.

A Word of Caution As exciting as it may sound for a console release, expectations need to be tamed. Porting a game to consoles is a complicated process and not guaranteed in any way to happen at least in the foreseeable future. However as more people continue to play it the chances of it being release on console might increase.

Stay Tuned for Updates Fans all around the world still have their eyes peeled for any announcements from Landfall Games concerning whether they will make a decision about taking this game into consoles or not. In the meantime PC gamers can enjoy this horrifying co-op adventure whereas console gamers will have to wait till they get their turn.

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