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200+ Hilarious Mini Golf Team Names That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

No matter if you are a group of golfing champions or just having fun, playing mini golf with buddies is always so much amusing. But guess what can make it even cooler? So as to get pumped up there needs to be an amazing team name.

A good team name creates more laughter and makes the atmosphere in the course more playful. It’s hilarious as soon as you pick up those bright balls. An epic team moniker kicks the fun factor up a notch from the start!

To help you come up with the right one for your squad I have compiled several funny, smart and creative names for mini-golf teams. Nevertheless, let me first give you some tips on selecting an appropriate name.

50 Funny & Clever Mini Golf Team Name Ideas

  • Hole Patrol
  • Club Wielders
  • Par-tee Pals
  • WindMill Wranglers
  • Turf Titans
  • Water Hazards
  • Green Jackets
  • Obstacles Rule
  • Albatross Chasers
  • Putt Pirates
  • Birdie Brigade
  • Long Drivers
  • Masters of Disaster
  • Gopher Busters
  • Bad Putskis
  • Wedge Sledgers
  • Ace Mates
  • Divine Diviners
  • Fore Play
  • Short Game Slayers
  • Putter Pals
  • Windmill Tilters
  • Rough Riders
  • Clown Mouth Chasers
  • Bogey Busters
  • Tee Totalers
  • Hole Strollers
  • Eagle Hunters
  • Mini Mashers
  • Dimple Dudes
  • Plaid Avengers
  • Ball Washers
  • Cart Conductors
  • Power Swingers
  • Mini Maulers
  • Divot Divas
  • Sand Trappers
  • Ball Retrievers
  • Swing Swingers
  • Club Carriers
  • Tee Smashers
  • Grass Huggers
  • Ball Chasers
  • Ace Squad
  • Putt Punishers
  • Flag Hunters
  • Hole Shooters
  • Water Walkers
  • Astro Turf Assassins
  • Stroke Savants

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20 Funny Mini Golf Team Names

  • Puttin’ on the Ritz
  • Wedge Antilles
  • Tin Cup Crusaders
  • Bad Putters
  • Whack Shack Attack
  • Tee’d Off
  • Lob Goblins
  • Putting Insanity
  • Crazy Putters
  • Sandy Bottoms
  • Swing Skippers
  • Ball Bashers
  • Albatross Hunters
  • Big Cup Hunters
  • Putt Thugs
  • Green Jackets
  • Plaid Thunders
  • Hazard Heroes
  • Course Clowns
  • Mini Monsters

20 Best Golf Team Names

  • Aces High
  • Birdie Bunch
  • Divot Dudes
  • Duffers United
  • Eagle Raiders
  • Fairway Flyers
  • Green Jackets
  • Hole Hawgs
  • Links Legends
  • Long Ballers
  • Par Shooters
  • Putt Punishers
  • Rough Riders
  • Sandbaggers
  • Shot Shapers
  • Swingers
  • Tee Smashers
  • Titleists
  • Turf Terminators
  • Wedge Warriors

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20 Fantasy Golf Team Names

Albatross Assassins

  • Backspin Blasters
  • Ball Strikers
  • Dimple Dashers
  • Divot Destroyer
  • Double Eagles
  • Drive Slicers
  • Fade Fighters
  • Flop Shot Specialists
  • Green Monster Mashers
  • One Iron Avengers
  • Putt Putters
  • Rough Ramblers
  • Sand Save Shooters
  • Shot Makers
  • Swing Savants
  • Three Jack Attack
  • Turf Terminators
  • Wedge Wizards
  • Wood Whackers

How to Pick the Perfect Name

Consider the Team Size

A short, snappy name works best for smaller groups of 2-4 players. Longer names can suit bigger teams.

Consider the Team’s Characteristics

Think about your playing styles, personalities, handicaps, etc. A name that plays into that adds an extra fun element.

Select a Suitable Name From the List

Or get creative and dream up your own! Anything goes as long as it brings a smile.

Embrace the Name & Have Fun!

Once you’ve landed on a team moniker you love, Own it! Use it to amp up the silliness as you tackle those delightfully wacky mini golf courses together.

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