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Best Safe Kid Games: Safe Fun For Kids!

Safe Kid Games, You want to keep your kids entertained online, but safety is the top priority. Many games are filled with inappropriate content or messaging. Never fear, I’ve scoured the web for the 10 best safe, fun, and educational games your children will adore. Let’s dive in!

Endless Reader (Ages 5+)

Words jump off the page in this interactive reading game. Kids are immersed in wacky adventures filled with silly jokes and puns as they learn sight words. For example, they might explore “Cloud Town” and put out fires by spelling words like “hose” and “water.” The gamified vocabulary lessons will have them giggling while building essential literacy skills.

endless readers

LINK: Play Endless Reader

Toca Life World (Ages 6+)

In this darling simulation game your kids create their own characters and stories. Will they run a pet store go camping or build a hair salon today? The charmingly designed app lets their imaginations run wild in a safe, ads free environment with no in app purchases. Perfect for solo or collaborative play!

toca life world

LINK: Play Toca Life World

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Minecraft (Ages 8+)

The wildly popular Minecraft game has incredible educational potential. In Creative Mode, kids can explore an endless pixelated landscape while practicing planning, problem solving and spatial reasoning as they build incredible structures. Just be sure to enable parental controls to restrict interactions.


LINK: Play Minecraft

National Geographic Kids (Ages 6-10)

Fuel your little explorer’s curiosity about the world with Nat Geo’s interactive games, videos, and activities. They’ll learn about amazing animals, distant lands, science concepts, and more through animated stories and immersive experiences. A great option for beating boredom and expanding their horizons!

national geographic kids game

LINK: Play National Geographic Kids

Words With Friends (Ages 8+)

Let your wordsmith sharpen their vocabulary with this classic mobile word game. Players take turns forming words on a virtual game board, earning points for skillful plays. The magic lies in its seamless blend of fun and learning you’ll find yourself using unusual letter combos and stretching to recall tricky words. Plus, you can safely face off against friends and family with the option to chat or withhold that privilege as you see fit. No ads, unnecessary purchases or objectionable content to worry about just good old-fashioned, brain-teasing wordplay!

words with friends game

LINK: Play Words With Friends

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Prodigy Math Game (Ages 6-14)

Homework has met its formidable foe! In Prodigy, elementary and middle school students battle math monsters and go on epic quests, all while answering curriculum-aligned math questions. The fantasy-based adventures are so engrossing, they’ll have a blast learning key concepts from addition to algebra.


LINK: Play Prodigy Math Game

PBS KIDS Games (Ages 3-8)

Beloved PBS characters like Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger, and Odd Squad bring their educational worlds online through this trove of games. Preschoolers and young elementary kids can play fun, values-driven games centered on ABCs, counting, problem-solving, and social skills. A well-designed, worry-free site from the trusted PBS brand.

pbs kids games


DragonBox Apps (Ages 4+)

These deceptively simple, visually-rich puzzle games were designed by game-developers-turned-educators to teach math and coding through play. For instance in DragonBox Algebra 5+ kids compose boxed algebraic rulers as they progress through worlds of increasing complexity. Solidly educational yet thoroughly addictive!

dragon box games

LINK: Play DragonBox Apps

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Todo Math (Age 6-11)

For fans of Todo Math’s hugely popular paper workbooks, the app provides interactive math practice covering everything from basic operations to fractions and word problems. Unique features include step-by-step examples, instant feedback, and the ability to show work right on the tablet. Great for extra support or summer learning.

todo math games

LINK: Play Todo Math

ScratchJr (Age 5-7)

It’s never too early to start coding! ScratchJr uses coding blocks to bring kids’ stories and games to life through animated characters and settings. By snapping together visual commands, even non-readers can create surprising interactions while picking up programming fundamentals. A launchpad for creative confidence and computational thinking.

There you have it 10 wildly entertaining yet decisively educational games for keeping kids engaged while learning online. These top picks prioritize safety so you can let them play with total peace of mind. Happy gaming!


Link: Play ScratchJr

Wrapping Up

Here they are – these games will keep your children entertained while learning online. They are quite entertaining and educational for your kid. Some involve a lot of thinking while others take you into a world of stories, some allow building things while others are full of word plays that have long been forgotten.
The best part? You can be sure that these games offer an age-appropriate environment that is safe from vulgar content or messages, as well as annoying ads or in-app purchases. Nothing unsanctioned worries here.

Now don’t hold back; let them dive straight into these virtual playgrounds! As they uncover the mysteries of fiction, learn code concepts, or improve their arithmetic aptitude and reading comprehension skills, joyfully tapping away at the screen will be uplifted by expanding little minds. Who knows which passion you could discover?

Just make sure to switch things up and use different options each time. Kids can lose interest quickly so having many different types of games is important as it also covers a range of developmental areas. Most importantly though make sure to join in on the fun when you can – sharing the experience will create cherished memories.

Now get out there and start unplugging from the world for some good old family game night…on screens! Laughter, bonding, and brain gains for all await. Happy gaming!

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