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Games Like Sudoku: Top 10 Games That Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Games like Sudoku: Are you looking for brain-teasing games that are as challenging and satisfying as Sudoku? Well, lucky you! There are numerous addictive logic puzzles out there that will keep your mind sharp and your problem-solving skills razor-sharp. From number-crunching grids to visual puzzles, these games will captivate you for hours on end. Let’s dive into ten of the most mind-bending games suitable for Sudoku enthusiasts!

What is a Sudoku game?

Sudoku is a popular logic-based number puzzle that has captivated millions of people worldwide. It is a grid-based game which requires filling in the empty cells with digits from 1 to 9 under certain rules and restrictions.

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Rules For Playing Sudoku

It entails nine boxes or regions divided into nine 3×3 grids each. Some of the cells in the grid contain numbers while others remain empty, and the objective is to fill in all empty cells with digits from 1-9 so that every digit appears exactly once within each row, column and 3×3 box.

Those who spend hours solving Sudoku puzzles in newspapers, puzzle books and various digital platforms know how addictive the game is. This has turned the game into a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.


Like crossword puzzles, Kakuro asks you to enter numbers into a grid. However, you are provided with the total for each row or column instead of clues. The aim? To use logical reasoning in placing correct numbers. With this, you will be good at crunching numbers just like a pro!

Link: Play Kakuro

Nonograms (Picross)

Think about solving puzzles that reveal a hidden picture one row or column at a time. That’s what Nonograms also known as Picross or Griddlers’ is all about. You’ll progressively unveil an image from scattered and incomplete hints that tell how many cells to fill successively until you have solved the entire puzzle. It’s like paint-by-numbers except it requires serious mental effort!

Link: Play Nonograms (Picross)

KenKen (or Calcudoku)

Marrying together Sudoku with arithmetic operations, KenKen tests your quickfire mental math skills . Each row and column should have digits ranging between 1 and some specific number along with some mathematical operations inside cages that it has to follow unlike sudoku which is only concerned with right numbers being filled in blank spaces on its board alone Prepare yourself because your maths thinking will be taken through its paces!

Link: Play KenKen (or Calcudoku)


When you consider an example of a numerical maze that assesses the capability of your logic to reason, think hidato. It is meant to form a winding path from number one all through until it reaches the value provided and without jumping any number. The game is designed with different levels of difficulties intended to keep you engaged as you maneuver within the complicated grids.

Link: Play Hidato

Hashiwokakero (Bridges)

Think about constructing bridges over squares, joining islands but without crossing each other. Hashiwokakero is a puzzle based on logic that requires strategic thinking. The use of hints will enable one to establish how many bridges exist or where they are placed across the grid hence deepening into captivating world of island hopping.

Link: Play Hashiwokakero (Bridges)

Slitherlink which is also referred to as loopy depicts aesthetics in design. It’s your duty then? To connect some particular dots in the grid so that you can draw just one complete loop. With good reasoning and sense of space, intricate designs will be formed leaving you amazed.

Link: Play Slitherlink (Loopy)


Those people who find fun in painting by numbers should try Nurikabe. Here, the player has to fill shaded areas on grids that correspond with numbers given in clues. Solving complex puzzle will make you feel satisfied once you discover this hidden pattern since it unravels everything underneath.

Link: Play Nurikabe


Futoshiki is equal parts Sudoku and greater than or less than signs. You have to put numbers into a grid, but you also have to observe strict rules of inequalities. It would be worthwhile for anyone who wants to exercise their mind to try it out as this game will help them test their logical abilities and numerical skills.

Link: Play Futoshiki

Killer Sudoku

Are you ready for a variant of sudoku that will push your capabilities beyond the limits? Killer Sudoku adds another layer of complexity by introducing cages with sum values. Solve the classic Sudoku puzzle while keeping the numbers in each cage adding up right. Brace yourself for a mind-bending challenge!

Link: Play Killer Sudoku


What if there was a game where you could draw an unbroken line from one circle to another connecting pearls? Masyu is all about strategic placing of lines in order to solve this visually stunning puzzle. The intriguing rules and impressive aesthetics make it impossible not to become engrossed in the process.

Link: Play Masyu

Wrapping Up

For people who are experts at Sudoku or beginners in logic puzzles, these are ten games that provide mental challenges and fun. So grab your pencil (or favorite puzzle app) and be ready for some mentally stimulating exercises. Who can tell? Maybe, just maybe, this might turn out to be your next favorite brain-teasing addiction!

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