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Axe Throwing Games: Rules and How To Play


It is not the most relaxing activity to throw a sharp axe at a wooden target. But axe throwing has become so popular as an amazing game night out with friends. You are soon going to get addicted to sticking the bullseye with every chance you have. Therefore, just grab an axe and let’s take a quick look at some of the best axe throwing games one can play!

The Target

Firstly, let us quickly go through the types of targets used in axe throwing. These are usually made from unprocessed wood such as pine or maple and consists of painted scoring rings and bullseye. The size may vary but regulation ones measure about four feet tall. Ensure there are good restraints on the target and enough clearing around it. Do not use if it seems worn out, cracked or damaged.

How to Play and Rules

To score points over several rounds, just take turns by throwing your axes on the target which is located 12-15 feet back for each player towards a bullseye . Starting from outer rings, score points for any area where your marks stick with the help of those flying objects; this is also known as skeet shooting competition style near misses . There is an added thrill when you go up between throws to get your axe. Set winning score in terms of points total achieve

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First, cut out the ring of bullseye completely to create space for “cricket” area. Then players try to score by chipping off the outer rings and proceeding towards the center. However, any axe that sticks in the cricket zone scores zero for that round. The person with the most points after all rings are gone wins!

How to Play and Rules

Choose point values for each ring – e.g., 10 points for an outside one down to 40 for a cricket inner ring. Numbers should be included in every ring so that scoring is easier. In each round take turns throwing up to three axes, counting only the points from hitting five particular rings you struck at in completion of your throw. The first player who totals exactly those numbers wins it!

Zombies vs Humans

Are you looking for a heart pounding variation of axe throwing? Try Zombies vs Humans! It’s a crazy fight for survival as one group is made up of “zombies” who attempt at eliminating all “humans” through sticking their axes whereas on other hand humans desperately struggle to get rid of as many zombies about them as they can before such individuals eventually fall prey to such deadly weapons

How to Play and Rules 

Split into two teams, and then set up throwing lanes for each team about 10-12 feet away from the target. The zombies will retrieve any axes that do not hit the target after each turn. A human who gets hit is turned to a zombie in the following round. In their team, the last human left is declared as the winner! Prepare for lots of trash talking and pulse-pounding action.

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Around the World

For a game that tests accuracy and consistency, look no further than Around the World. You have to throw your axe into every scoring ring consecutively, traveling around the face of target. Fail on one ring and you are out – it’s a brutal test of precise axe throwing.

How to Play and Rules

Generally starting from outer ring going inward or in a spiral pattern around the target, decide on order beforehand. Throwing one axe per round at whichever ring you’re going for next takes turns. If you miss, you’re out for that round. The last player still scoring rings wins!


The name “21” reflects that this game is basically blackjack with axes thrown instead of cards. Essentially, you earn points by sticking strategically with axes but cross more than 21, and you are eliminated because its all about knowing when to stop yet trying to play catch up with those at front.

How to Play and Rules

Assign values for each ring like 8 points at most and 3 for the bullseye. Take turns throwing up to three axes in a round, aiming to total closest to 21 without exceeding it. However, you can choose not to throw any more when you want. First person who scores exactly 21 wins this turn while playing goes on until one of the players achieves your target score e.g. 201.

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This is certainly not twenty-one but a different game with its own innovation from blackjack – players may “hit” for another throw or stand after each turn made. As far as throwing axes before going bust go, there is suspense involved!

How to Play and Rules

Set a goal in terms of points, for instance – 51. The furthest outer ring gets fifteen points while hitting the bullseye is awarded three points only. After throwing one axe, players either “hit” or “stand” if they want more chances or they are contented with their result respectively. If your score exceeds that limit then you’re out of that turn i.e., looser till only one player remains underneath it!


Infuse axe throwing with a lot of dynamism and make it even more fun. A few axes would be marked as landmines secretly that is, one hit on them and you are out!

How to Play and Rules

At the beginning of the game, one person has to mark some of the axes as landmines using some subtle sign. You have to take turns in throwing an axe at a time scoring points for each stick like usual. However, if you axed a landmine, then you are automatically disqualified from playing again! Running keeps happening until only one player is left standing. Alternatively, you can agree not to remove any axes – those which have been thrown will remain where they landed acting as blockades.

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Why not give the classic dice game an axe throwing twist? During your turn, throw an axe attempting to land 3 sticks of equal values for example. This adds a dimension of competitiveness familiar to most people for an evening filled with all things axed.

How to Play and Rules

Assign scoring sections to the rings such as ones for the inner ring, twos for the ring outside that and so on up to sixes. Each player gets 3 throws per turn. On their first throw, players are looking to get as many axes in the same scoring area as possible in order that they begin making a Yahtzee combination. Subsequent throws let you reposition those axes or try setting up a different combination. The game continues for 13 rounds with players trying to hit Yahtzees and other scoreable combos.

Wrapping Up

Those are just some of the many cool axe throwing games you can play with your friends and family! Do not forget to make safety as your number one priority by adhering rules of the range. However most importantly have fun while learning this unique new skill through playing thrilling games. Axe throwing is an incredible way to spend an evening out – which of these variations will be your first preference?

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